Update log

january 31, 2023

I decided to change the layout but things still working the same. I just made it prettier and cooler, you know? yeah. it looks cool. I like it. I just need to adjust the other pages.

january 14, 2023

tried to change the fonstyle. it was bad, then worked only one, then it got awful, then it got annoying, then it miraculously worked, and now it didn't worked anymore.
I'm not touching that so soon.

january 12, 2023

succesfully-ish updated sidebar. It's better then before but still not in the way I wanted. in another day am gonna try to make it look better.

january 06, 2023

didn't managed to put the navbar to the side but at least with the characters everything is working just fine!! yay!!

january 04, 2023

wow it's a new year and I haven't quit yet. kudos to me!!
anyway, I came here just to update that I'm placing my characters here and that I'm soon gonna make my navbar a sidebar!
with some extra stuff, probably. I think I'm getting better at my coding skills ^-^

december 22, 2022

Guess who just finished working on about me?? I did!! :D
I was procrastinating for nothing 'cuz it was just so easy to do.
I probably still need to do some stuff here and there but overall, it's all good ^^

December 15, 2022

Whew! Finally made a way way to the navbar work smoothly! and edited this page's css. Also add writing.
I think I oficially have a page on neocities!
That's fun!

December 11, 2022

So, I finally finished editing the navbar and it got half-assed but I'm not with the motivation to make it work right now. It's good and understandable so that's good to me.
Also put links to the site buttons in the 'cool sites' area.
Started to finally put images in my graphic and it was from CS, MagiStream and Dragoncave, the sites I most like for pet adoption. One day I'll make blinkies and the about me and finally make this thing work out.

December 09, 2022

guess who just changed everything LMAO (yesterday was the day I changed the CSS, now I'm editing the navbar).
glory glory hallelujah the CSS worked out. I was slow to notice the mistake I was making but things worked out good in the end! :D
btw I promise u I'll update this in no time

November 13th, 2022

corrected the update log to be just like the main/made css work here and put some cherry blossom divider to make it prettier (and don't be this big ass middle in between). Both here and main. I still need to adjust the graphics and create the "about me".
I also removed the "characters" navegation (why isn't it removed?).

November 12th, 2022

I changed... a lot. kinda.
Removed the sidebars, put a background and changed the header to look like
it's the same and finally found what was wrong with the navbar editing

November 11th, 2022

Guestbook addition + some minor changes.

November 10th, 2022

so, still with the help of sadgrl.online I managed to do my own layout!! :D I had some technical dificulties but everything worked fine in the end

November 8th, 2022

I began to actually edit this *SCREAMING* Stuff were working out untill I decided to how to change header without copypaste everything and now I kinda have to do it all again IT WORKED. THE CSS FUCKING WORKED. MY GUYS THERE'S HOPE OUT THERE.