Moon Glow

Laying in my bed at night,
I looked at the stars above me,
Thinking how huge this world is,
Not even fitting in my hands.

Imagining in this world,
How would I find a love that burns me,
That knows how to kiss.

And then everything will be even more beautiful,
Just like the yellow flowers blooming everywhere.
And then I'll see your smile,
Your beautiful bright eyes,
Shining like the moon.

Seeing Stars

It's so beautiful too look at the moon,
And the enamored stars in the sky above,

The sweet flower smell,
the perfume around the air!

It's a delight to see your eyes,
When you start to dance around,
The time flies so fast,
I don't even feel it passing by,
That's why I look at the moon,
And I see stars passing by.


Think of a storytell,
So beautiful to tell,
It's a cozy place so lovely to live in!

It's a serene place,
So close to the shore,
With a beautiful stargazing night.