Here's the archive of my ocs!

First things first, I'd like to tell you that I don't know what I'm quite doing with them.

A little bit of history, many of them (that I'm gonna show you guys later) are from when I was a kid and since years I've been trying to make a history here.

Not gonna lie, I was going nowhere with this for-fucking-ever until idk what got into me and now I'm back at trying my luck with them. It has been... a progress. Slow, but sure. Still don't know if I'm gonna make something or not, but here they are! Go on and take a look!

Each character leads to a different page with a different style to fit their aesthetic/profile but they're at the same time not different from eachother.

Oh! and if anything, trust the cm/kg in the appearance. They're overall more correct than the ft/lbs.

Alana character page evalyn character page josie character sheet ivan aesthetic (don't bother wait for dowload, it wont. just click here)