Here's the archive of my ocs!

First things first, I'd like to tell you that I don't know what I'm quite doing with them.

A little bit of history, many of them (that I'm gonna show you guys later) are from when I was a kid and since years I've been trying to make a history here.

Not gonna lie, I was going nowhere with this for-fucking-ever until idk what got into me and now I'm back at trying my luck with them. It has been... a progress. Slow, but sure. Still don't know if I'm gonna make something or not, but here they are! Go on and take a look!

Each character leads to a different page with a different style to fit their aesthetic/profile but they're at the same time not different from eachother.

Alana character page evalyn character page josie character sheet ivan aesthetic (don't bother wait for dowload, it wont. just click here)