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Name: Alana [in need of middlename]
Age: 18
Pronouns: she/her
Sexuality: bisexual
Occupation: studying interior design
Zodiac: aries
MBTI: INFP 2w1(?)
Motifs: light pink, vintage, virginity, royality
Likes:vintage style, writing letters, studying, bunnies and rodents alike, parties
Dislikes: cigarettes, disorganization, energy drinks
Personality Summary: social and always eager to help, alana always wants to be the best at what she does. is very friendly and cares a lot about her image, just has the problems with antecipation, specially when nervous. she may make a good leader but if she would choose, she would rather gives that role to someone else. has low self-esteem.

Height: 1,60cm / 5'2ft
Weight: 65kg / 143Ibs
Build: curvy body type
Eyes: light blue
Hair: black and wavy
Skin: fair tonned
Medical: anxiety, fear of rejection

Clothing style: keeps switching between classic and feminine clothes, with multiple discrete golden jewels and loves to wear make-up.

Signature accessory: a necklace with a heart pingent.

Mannerisms / habits: multiples numbers when stressed/anxious, likes to fidget with her accesories.

Speech: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Fusce sit amet tincidunt ex, volutpat facilisis libero.

Name: mother
Status: alive
Relationship: Just not the nicest person Alana ever met. She has a tendency to devalue her daughter and makes it clear she has more important things to attend.

Name: father
Status: alive
Relationship: he's... away. alana does not like him but doesn't have this much energy to express it. stopped caring about him when they divorced and shows a blatant dislike everytime he pops up here and there.

Alexander: brother
Status: alive
Relationship: alana loves alex more than she loves her parents. she sees him like a brother and he's one of the few people that always cared and was there for her for what she needed. he's basically the only thing that kept alana's sanity intact, but even him didn't manage to keep the self-hatred and doubts at bay.

Josie: met through social reasons and became friends because of it. likes the way josie leads things and admires her for it. josie can be somewhat of an inspiration to her. had a crush on her at some point.

Ivan: lorem ipsum

Evalyn: alana doesn't know if she fears or likes evalyn. easily one of the most beautiful woman she ever met but her temperament towards alana scares her. she sometimes wished they were closer but understands eva's want to be away.

Childhood: growing up, she didn't had many friends and those she had, ended up naturally loosing contact with them, only remaining her brother. others just screwed her up with bullying or just taking advantage of her kindness. her unfriendliness of her mother and being left behind from other kids made her feel like an outcast, even tho she always had a better life than multiples around her and because of it, alana always made sure to look out for those in need when possible.

Teenage years: her feeling of outcastness made her unknown to multiple social cues and having a hard time knowing when to stop. that has lead to many weird sie glances and with her poor self-worth, it just made worse. that also gave her mother more excuses to dislike her daughter, since the girl still isn't much of worth.

Color: pink
Food: candies
Weather: spring
Random thing: stuffed animal
Memory: a sleepover she had with josie as a kid

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